Established in 1972, BHN Corporation has been in continuous operation in Memphis, Tennessee. During this period we have experienced steady growth and expansion, which has allowed us to achieve high standards in marketing, distributing and installing custom architectural products for the commercial construction industry. We have concentrated our efforts on the exterior envelope of the building, as it relates to metal and glass systems for roof and wall applications. BHN’s focus to this day has been to provide exemplary service and in-depth attention to detail so as to achieve maximum quality in the finished product. The location of a project has never been a factor that has impeded our progress. BHN has successfully completed projects in 11 states throughout the Southeast and South Central United States. 



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Our years in the industry have allowed us to attain a vast knowledge of exterior glass and metal systems utilized in today's marketplace. Our unique ability to offer fully integrated systems where we combine products such as composite aluminum panels, 1/8” aluminum plate, factory-insulated panels, curtainwall, skylights and windows ranging from the industrial to the monumental, allows BHN to be a single source provider to its customers. Engineering, fabricating and erecting these systems in house further enhances the value of what BHN offers its customers.

BHN participates in the commercial construction process at all levels. Our team provides technical support, budgeting, detailing, consultation and erection for exterior glass and metal systems from the preliminary stages to the completion phase of many projects.